Resource Innovation and Solutions Network Nigeria

Driving our ambition for a sustainable future is the SEA concept. We help create customized and actionable projects to SOLVE our social and environmental challenges. We help develop local capacity and raise public awareness by using EDUCATION and ADVOCACY to embed lessons-learned.


Provide necessary inputs to support sustainable development projects addressing policy, advocacy, community development, technology development, venture creation/growth and other innovation projects that further the sustainability and well-being of Nigeria and the surrounding countries of Africa.


UN Global Compact


EducateWe train ourselves by leveraging the collective know-how of the globe and we transfer acquired knowledge to Africa’s youth. Through solutions-based learning, we join hands in implementing projects that will, while solving our immediate challenges, be our most crucial source of knowledge.

Sustainability Education


AdvocacyProgress borne out of solving our economic, social and environmental challenges must be incremental, and must be turned into truly transformational change. This will necessarily require advocacy defined by innovation and engagement of a broad spectrum of participants in collaborative initiatives.

The Kuramo Report

Circular Economy