To become a test bed of locally applied sustainability-driven solutions and the go-to knowledge and solutions repository for sustainable development in West Africa.

SSL will realize this vision by applying the following guiding principles:

Transform Education: Lead, inspire, and grow the next-generation of sustainability innovators, entrepreneurs, and practitioners on a platform of solutions-based learning and integrated research.

Empower the Community: Use an innovative education model to build knowledge and capacity in sustainable communities that can address sustainability challenges through applied solutions.

Create Shared-Value: Convene and leverage public and private organizations and resources to partner in delivering the greatest societal impact.

Innovate Through Resiliency: Build resiliency into urban planning, governance and infrastructure development through responsible research and innovation.

Grow a Sustainable Economy: Create opportunity within a vibrant market-based economy that synergistically supports a thriving community and natural environment.


To provide integrated research, solutions, education, entrepreneurship, and innovation to enable sustainable economic development:

Growing Capacity: Convening the organizations, people, knowledge, and skills needed to develop, maintain, and strengthen sustainable economic development using practical solutions.

Operationalizing Sustainable Development: Engaging the systemic interactions between policy, public health, environment, innovation, and technology needed to drive sustainable development in all of its forms.


To define sustainability as it relates to our immediate environment taking into consideration the global context

To identify measurable development indicators that will align with Sustainable Development Goals

To ameliorate challenges resulting from limitations of the public sector in achieving optimal well-being for future generations

To provide present and future generations with relevant tools for economic empowerment through education.


We assist organizations and governmental entities by providing practical and reasonable solutions to address specific sustainability challenges. We strive to combine hands-on personal approach with the research and knowledge base of an institution of higher education. We help clients and partners define, analyse and solve sustainability challenges with holistic consideration of the underlying social, economic and environmental system while keeping the local to global application of proposed solutions in context.

Driving our ambition for a sustainable future is the SEA concept. We SOLVE our social and environmental challenges through EDUCATION and ADVOCACY.

Solve: Provide necessary inputs to support sustainable development projects

Educate: Through solutions-based learning, use implemented projects as key source for knowledge acquisition

Advocacy: Engage broad spectrum of participants in collaborative initiatives that will drive transformational change