Executive Certificate in Ethical Circular Economy – Lagos

The Circular Economy as a development paradigm has not enjoyed much attention in the developing economies of, especially sub-Sahara Africa. With Lagos as case study and in an attempt to contribute to the development dialogue, this ethical circular economy executive certificate project uses eight themes (built environment, electronic waste, energy, food system, plastics waste, sanitation, transportation and water) to take a high level look at the potential benefits of embedding circular economy as a development paradigm for the city of Lagos Nigeria. Carried out in collaboration with Arizona State University’s Rob and Melani Walton’s Sustainability Solutions Initiatives, this work serves as a foundation for the type of private sector contribution that can support local capacity building for sustainable development in Lagos, and throughout Nigeria.

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  • The Resource Innovation and Solutions Network (RISN) is a program of the Walton Sustainability Solutions Services at Arizona State University, in partnership with the city of Phoenix’s Reimagine Phoenix initiative. RISN advances integrated resource management through a global network of public and private partners.