Sustainability School Lagos’ Sustainability Solutions Practice (SSP) offers its services in collaboration with Arizona State University’s Global Sustainability Solutions Services (GS3) as a fee-for-service consultancy that help clients and partners define, analyse, and solve sustainability challenges.

Solution Areas:

Business Case for Sustainability
Understand current sustainability position and efforts, and desired future; review best practices; develop customized business case for sustainability.

Governance for Sustainability
Review current board and management policies and practices with a sustainability lens; make recommendations for modification or development to align policy and practice with sustainability.

Sustainability Strategy and Planning
Integrate sustainability into business planning; facilitate sustainability vision, goals, objectives, transition strategies, target metrics.

Sustainability Assessment and Reporting
Establish baseline for sustainability metrics; establish reporting processes according to international standards, such as GRI; assist in developing initial reports.

Sustainability Value Creation and Impact Analysis
Translate sustainability plans and assessments into targeted “triple bottom line” impacts; value targeted impacts; develop system to track impacts and value; track impacts and value over time.

“Circular Innovation” Planning and Development
Review current innovation practices, especially with regard to resource management; build “circular innovation” thinking into innovation process; identify opportunities to close resource loops; develop implementation plans; assist in implementation.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Accounting and Reporting
Analyze greenhouse gas emissions with management and staff using standard protocol; develop GHG reports; identify opportunities for improvement; develop implementation plans.

Energy Efficiency Analysis and Implementation
Review current energy efficiency status; analyze buildings and transportation; identify opportunities for improvement and value creation; develop implementation plans; assist in implementation.

Waste Management Analysis and Implementation
Review current waste flows and management; create waste footprint; identify opportunities for improvement and value creation; develop implementation plans; assist in implementation.

Vulnerability and Risk Analysis and Resiliency Planning
Identify key system threats; understand potential impacts and level of risk throughout the supply chain; develop mitigation and adaption plans.

Sustainability Education for Management and Staff
Provide basic introduction to sustainability; provide off-the-shelf and custom education per client specific needs.

Convene, Facilitate, Collaborate
In addition to the above services, SSP acts as a convergence platform to convene multiple stakeholders around difficult sustainability challenges, facilitate conversations about them, develop collaborative solutions and share practical experiences and best practices to advance sustainable regional development and business practices.